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Shenzhen Goodview Electronic advantage is localized service . According to reports, Good Display of small and medium size TFT LCM custom products accounted for more than 40%. Goodview Electronic has enough support to customize products and technical personnel, resources and experience to provide customers with complete customization services.
" Standards that fight cost , custom products fight is customer recognition ." Goodview ElectronicDeng totaltone said, " the value of domestic manufacturers is reflected in the localized design services ." According to Deng general introduction, in addition to meet custom requirements beyond , Goodview Electronic also provides customers with value-added services. Good Display R & D department has a dedicated team to help customers solve problems encountered during the practical application of the product , such as the development of the drive circuit board with clients. Goodview Electronic product development standard as the basis, to help customers make a few changes to their end products, saving time to market. Meanwhile, the development team needs concern the application side , and in cooperation with a number of solution providers , direct use of their programs , further reducing development time .

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