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LCD module Precautions
LCD module Caution:
First, deal with protective film
In the finished surface mount module packed with a layer of protective film to prevent the display surface contamination during assembly shall not be thrown off by the end of the whole assembly, so as not to dirty or damage the display surface.

Second, to prevent electrostatic
Control module, the drive circuit is low voltage micro-power CMOS circuit can easily be electrostatic breakdown, electrostatic breakdown is an irreparable damage, but the body sometimes produces up to tens or hundreds of volts of high voltage V static electricity, so in operation, assembly and use, should be extremely careful to prevent static electricity.
To do this:
1, can not touch the circuit and the metal frame hand-free outer lead, the circuit board;
2, such as the need direct contact with the module so that the body should be kept at the same potential, or to human well-grounded;
3, soldering iron and manipulation using electric tools must be well grounded, no static electricity;
4, shall be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, because it will have a very strong electrostatic;
5, air dried, and static electricity, and therefore, the humidity should be above the workplace RH60%;
6, when you remove or replace the packing or moving location, but also need to be careful to prevent the generation of static electricity. Do not arbitrarily change the packing or discard the original packaging.

Third, pay attention when operating assembly
1, assembled from carefully designed, do not arbitrarily self-processing, finishing;
2, the metal frame claws are not free to twist, demolition;
3, do not arbitrarily modify the processing of PCB board outline, mounting holes, the line is extremely parts;
4, may not modify the conductive strips; may not modify any internal stent;
5, do not touch, throwing, twisting, twisting module.

Fourth, welding
Welding the outer lead module, the interface circuit, the following procedure should operate.
A temperature less than 280 ℃; welding time is less than 3 ~ 4S;
2, welding materials: eutectic, low melting point; do not use acid flux;
3, not more than three times repeated welding, and each repetition interval of five minutes.

Fifth, use and maintenance of the module
1, the outer lead is not allowed to pick the wrong, when you want to debug LCD module, please note the correct wiring, especially the positive and negative power supply wiring can not be wrong,
Doing so may cause an overcurrent, overvoltage, burned chip on the circuit components, such as damage to the LCD module phenomenon;
2, the module in use, access to power and disconnect the power supply must be stable after being access to the input signal level. If, before the power supply is stable or
After disconnecting the input signal level, there may be damage to the module IC and circuit;
3, when used in sequential access logical drive power supply and logic supply should be first, the drive power; time off, you should drive power, the logic
Sources. This helps to maintain a good display screen and avoid the power off when the voltage of impact damage. It is recommended to use with control
DC-DC power supply as the driving power module.
4, contrast, viewing angle and temperature display dot matrix LCD module, the driving voltage relationship a lot, so if VEE adjustment is too high, not only will affect significantly
Shows, but also shorten the life of the module;
5, because the physical properties of the liquid crystal material, the contrast of the liquid crystal changes with temperature changes accordingly, so that you must add the value of the negative voltage with temperature
Adjusted accordingly, is substantially temperature 10 ℃, a volt voltage change. To meet this requirement, you can do a temperature compensation circuit, or safety
Row a potentiometer to adjust the negative voltage with temperature;
6, should not work outside the specified temperature range, and should not exceed the storage limit temperature outside the range of storage, if the temperature is below the crystallization temperature,
LCD will crystallize if the temperature is too high, the LCD will become isotropic liquid, saboteurs orientation, the device scrapped;
7, pushing down the display section, an exception will be displayed. Then cut off the power, wait a moment, re-power, which returned to normal;
8, when the liquid crystal display device or module surface fogging, do not energize the work, as this will cause the electrode chemical reaction to produce disconnection;
9, long for the sun and the bright light when they were covered part will produce residual images.
Six storage module
If the long-term (eg years or more) storage, we recommend the following manner:
1, into polyethylene pocket (preferably with anti-static coating) and mouth shut;
2, between -10 ℃ ~ +35 ℃ Storage; put the dark, to avoid glare;
3, the pressure must not put anything on the surface; strictly avoid storage at extreme temperature / humidity conditions;
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